One Word

As an atheist, I’m often asked why I would take offense to hearing “One Nation Under God” as our motto. 

So let’s take you on a walk in an atheist’s shoes. I will show you that by changing one word, we can change America. 


We are going to replace “God” with “Allah”. Our new nation’s slogan is “In Allah We Trust”. How do you feel about that? You probably wouldn’t care at first. “Oh well,” you say, shrugging your shoulders, “I know where my faith lays.” 

But then as you are walking down the street, you see license plates with “In Allah We Trust” written on them. What if you drop your child off to school, and hear them saying “One Nation under Allah” in the pledge, when you have raised your child Christian. How do you feel about it now? 

After everyone uses Allah in the pledge and the motto for about 60 years, people start to forget that wasn’t always the motto. People begin thinking that is the motto the founding fathers came up with. People think they all decided, together, that this nation would always place its faith in the almighty Allah. 

But this country has strayed from Allah’s word. Christians have built a church next to Ground Zero, and have a cross proudly displayed in its ruins. Women are free to divorce, and walk around without wearing head coverings. 

No, this is not good at all. Allah is surely angry with us, for straying from his word. People are no longer allowed to say “Happy Ramadan” to each other in the streets, because it might offend the other religions. Now we must say “Happy Holidays”, even though this country was founded on Muslim beliefs, we are forced to change OUR heritage for these immigrants, forced to take down displays of our favorite Qur’an passages, forced to take our faith indoors, and worship alone. 

People begin to fight back. They want to honor their god in public. They want to make prayer time in schools mandatory. Of course, the Christians are free to pray to their god instead of Allah, but the teacher should lead the good little Muslim children in traditional prayer from our holy book, otherwise their minds might wander. How do you, Christians, feel now? 

Of course, the problem isn’t just in school. Christians are attacking the very right to express our religion. They mock our beliefs, draw pictures of our prophet, and have their own protests. They have made us take down anything having to due with Islam in schools and federal places. But this is a Muslim country. Our founding fathers would be disappointed in how far we have fallen. This is one nation under Allah, who trusts in Allah, follows his rules. We should begin to put his rules into law, so these Christians who keep flowing in can’t take our country too far from our roots. 

We’ve passed many bills. Bills saying women should have to wear head coverings, and the Muslim theory of creation is going to be taught in science classrooms (not the Christian one though), and the bill to outlaw divorce, which even the Christian holy book says is against the rules. 

What has happened to our America? Now that we have to fight just to keep close to Allah? We shouldn’t be forced to hide our faith. We should be allowed to teach our children our religion in school. The Christian parents can do it at home. It won’t hurt their kids to hear the truth anyways. As a matter of fact, why are they allowed to tell us what we can put in public, and what we can teach our children? Allah is surely punishing us for our blasphemy by unleashing hurricanes and tornadoes upon us, sending floods and storms to warn us of our disobedience. Christians being allowed to freely worship in the streets, husbands being allowed to kiss their wives that aren’t wearing head coverings. This is not what Allah has planned for this country. 

Allah bless America, one Nation under Allah. In Allah we trust. 




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