How to Work Full-Time and still be broke.

Here is a small tutorial on how to work full-time to keep yourself occupied, and still not have any money to spend or any way to move out. 

There is just one simple step:

1.) Find a Minimum Wage Job


That’s all you have to do. Why is that? How can you work but still not make any money? 

Well, I make $7.25 an hour working at McDonald’s. I don’t get sick days, am expected to work on any holiday I’m scheduled, and if I call off, I just don’t get paid. 

So here are my expenses (by the month):

Rent: $700 (no utilities included, and the cheapest in the area)

Utilities: $110

Groceries: $350 (including tampons, over-the-counter-medicine, etc.)

Prescriptions: $85 (Advair and other medications to keep me alive)

Car Insurance: $75 (liability only)

Gas: $100 (if I only drive to and from work, in my car with 20 mpg city)

Phone: $35

Internet/Cable: $90 (internet is required for school, and cable makes it cheaper)

So altogether, to etch out a meager existence, it costs me $1,545 a month. Granted I can cut out some of those groceries, and live on only pasta, but without a healthy diet I’ll get sick more and miss more work anyways. I could cut off my phone, but how would I call off in case of an emergency? How would I call the police if someone broke into my home? I could cut out internet, but the library isn’t open during the time I am awake, as I work the midnight shift, and I wouldn’t get my homework for school done. This isn’t a budget buying twinkies, purses, elaborate paintings, and fancy cable plans. This is basic cable, simple internet needed for school, minimum car insurance, a sustainable diet, and rarely flicking on the lights or taking longer than a 10 minute hot shower.  

So, let’s do a bit of a calculation and see how much I make a month:

7.25 x 7.5 hrs= 54.38 every time I work a shift, and yes we are required to clock out for 30 minute breaks. 

54.38 x 5= $271.88 every week I work 5 nights a week

271.88 x 2= $543.75 every paycheck, before taxes, working 8 hours a day/5 days a week (40 hours a week). 

I get paid every 2 weeks, so that means $1,087.50 a month before taxes. Whereas my living situation costs $1,545. This means every month I’m short $457.50 for my expenses. 

So what should I cut out? The allergy medication, tampons, general aspirin, etc. that put my $250 grocery bill up to $350? Shall I cut out the apples, the bread, the eggs, the milk, and just eat noodles and instant Mac & Cheese? 

Shall I cut out the medications that allow me to breathe, keep my thyroid levels normal, and allow me to stay healthy and alive? 

Should I drive uninsured? Take the nonexistent bus to work? 

Should everyone working and living on minimum wage be expected to live a bare, unhealthy lifestyle, void of nutritious foods and forced to skimp on things like medication and doctor’s visits just to get by? 

Or, and this may sound crazy….

Should we just raise minimum wage? 





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